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What Keeps Our Maintenance Manager Intact

This month we caught up with a Tayaran Jet key figure whose fundamental knowledge and skills are the bread-and-butter of the aviation industry.

His tremendous experience worldwide had built the integrity and the confidence Tayaran Jet craved for and therefore the company values him and preserves him as a sacred gem.

From his side, Todor Krastev, our Maintenance guru, assembled a set of outstanding airplane surgeons to keep our high standards in line.

Remarkably, with such enormous responsibilities on his shoulders, he keeps his attitude cool and collected, he remains modest, and last, but not least, his sense of humor is hilarious. Good to know but, the purpose of this article, or call it research, is to find out exactly what, specifically and in particular, what components keep our Maintenance Manager intact all the time. Here is how he illustrated the basics in his own words:


Determination and persistence.

Perfection is a chimera. Technologies are becoming more and more complex in the quest to provide more reliability, safety, and ease of crews’ work, but all this requires more and more precise maintenance.”

There is no perfect plane. There will not be one.

Yes, defects of components and systems are inevitable. Nothing is everlasting. For this reason, all vital systems are reserved at least twice.”

I do not have a "favorite part of the plane". Fuselage, engines, wings, empennage - essential parts and systems are located in all zones and need a very delicate treatment - like a lady.


Passion and devotion.

Since forever, I had no other dream except to fly. I fulfilled it, but unfortunately, I had to split up with flying. Shortly thereafter, I decided to never get involved with aviation again, but I had a second thought and made the right choice.

Aviation is that lady who you fall in love with and you remain there to serve her for life, no matter in what position.”

“I love meetings and contacts with people of different nationalities and cultures. Each encounter like that is enriching. Gathering together and mixing is not just harmless, it is truly beneficial.”

"I have told my children everything about aviation - the strict rules, the comic situations, the whole package - from the hardest parts to the most romantic and fascinating. I started bringing them on airplanes since their earliest years. Nonetheless, I never meant to influence their career directions. Regardless, my youngest son chose my profession so he is a colleague and I am happy.”


Curiosity and an adventurous spirit.

“I try to balance and counteract stress with humor, hence, I can say that my job entertains me (do not the latter share it with my employer - he might reduce my salary;).”

"I love trips, mostly to new destinations - life is beautiful when there is a variety, but I also enjoy going to places where I have already been. I treasure unforgettable memories from the Maldives, Singapore, Israel ... and from a place where I practice my hobby underwater fishing - island Kish and Sicily - there I have hit my biggest trophies.”

“There are many crazy stories on flights.

On one flight the outer layers of the windscreen of the second officer were broken. I was flying as technical personnel in the passenger cabin. The commander - my good friend and current colleague - Chavdar Vassilev had completed the necessary procedures and sent the flight attendant to call me into the cockpit. When I came in he greeted me with a smile and explained what had happened, while the second officer had his seat belts fastened to a level of strangulation.

With a ghostlike pale face he told the story of a horror film with a similar scenario he had seen recently - in the movie the glass broke inflight and his colleague got sucked halfway outside of the cockpit. He was saved by another crew member who was holding his feet for preventing him from getting out of the cabin until landing. You should not watch so many movies ;)”


New challenges and patience.

The challenges in a new company are many. The beginning was difficult (in Tayaran Jet) - almost daily I was facing raw situations, which in other companies, for instance, would be solved by already established structures. The main thing I learned here is PATIENCE.

Although I worked at the same position in other companies, what had never happened to me before was to build a new Maintenance Organization from zero. DONE! We managed to attract a team of wonderful specialists, who are, moreover, extremely dedicated."

“This company (Tayaran Jet) is different from the rest. Without exaggerating, I must say that we are a family here. We understand and help each other, there is no ignorance among the units and the colleagues. Our team of specialists here is one of the most professional I have ever worked with.”