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This is What Cabin Crew Do in Their Free Time (If Any)

Aggiornamento: 16 set 2019

This is What Cabin Crew Do in Their Free Time (If Any)

They are usually very busy, their office is in the sky and yet, sooner or later they have a day off and who knows where they go. Do they travel again using their discounted tickets or they only sleep, or do they have a second job?

Another question: do they all have a magic secret keeping them fresh for 18 hours straight? Another question: how do they always know the right places for exploring on their layovers, who is giving them guidance? Oh, it looks like we are way too curious about the flying beauties. Hence, we took our time time to research and found out hundreds of blogs written by cabin crew members who live in different countries and work for different airlines. For all who want to dig in deeper, we chose our favorite platforms where flight attendants express themselves and give priceless insiders information about their job and lifestyle.

Take your time and read what is it like to switch between the elegant uniform, the posh party high heels, the hiking trainers, and the firefighter costume inside just a single day!

1. I heart cabin crew

This is What Cabin Crew Do in Their Free Time (If Any)

This is a space where you can find a professional advice and go through all stages and specifics of the job in theory. The content is updated often s and the creators of the website state that their mission is to: " "To freely give invaluable inside tips and offer the best online resources on how to prepare for the cabin crew interview through regular posts and videos as well as share relevant stories from the cabin crew life and aviation.". Go here in case you are about to begin applying or at the initial stage of building your flying resume.

2. Flight Attendants of Reddit

This is What Cabin Crew Do in Their Free Time (If Any)

Reddit is mostly followed in North America but is a platform unique for the way it connects people with similar interests - it is uniting equal amounts of news and users debates.

The interface is simplified and is shaped like those old fashioned internet discussion forums. Here flight attendants are free to address any queries they have and get consulted. The topics can be serious, informational or funny and entertaining, there is no concrete standard. Read and write as you go!

3. Flight Attendant Life

This is What Cabin Crew Do in Their Free Time (If Any)

After entering this site you would immediately notice this line: " Your FREE ticket to discover the best kept secrets of the lives and careers of flight attendants— all found at this destination." together with a search box. It resembles an airline website that offers attractive deals.

Flight Attendant Life is run by 5 active aviation professionals and covers a large array of issues surrounding flying - from personal matters, through travel recommendations, to, of course career consultations. It's easy to navigate and visually appealing.


This is What Cabin Crew Do in Their Free Time (If Any)

If you are looking for the upper class of the cabin crew blogging, check Maryhop. This delightfully designed website is more lifestyle oriented. It is centered around luxury and travel and you just can't help to fall in love with the breathtaking photography. Apart from the ordinary flight attendant life stories, here you can read plenty of reviews and articles about beauty, food, health and above all - travel, high end travel. Abundance of advertising and product placement.

The founder of this cozy blog is Mary from Greece, her passion for the finer things was born when she started working as a VIP flight attendant.

Confessions of a trolley dolly

This is What Cabin Crew Do in Their Free Time (If Any)

This one is truly entertaining. If you want to learn the latest jokes, do it here. Moreover, the content of Confession of a trolley dolly is rich and diverse. There are categories such as style in the aisles and inflight entertainment. Other sections offer valuable information about airlines and crew members from the past and the present time. Last but not least, if you do not understand the aviation jargon or you still have not heard the weirdest passengers' requests there is still hope - browse through this colorful and amusing blog!

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