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This April: Three Surprising Destinations to Breeze In

Aggiornamento: 16 set 2019

This April: Three Surprising Destinations to Breeze In

The spring has arrived with its unmistakable romantic vibe. If you too feel the rejuvenating influence of this fresh season, a great way to live it is, of course, travel.

Traveling is a passionate hobby that almost everyone practices these days more than ever. The world and the tourism industry are even sometimes too small to satisfy all needs. Each journey is different and yet, many of them resemble each other. Possibly, this is the reason why it is so trendy to do like the bloggers do, following their steps, eating what they ate and embrace the attractions they prefer. Travelers are thirsty for new adventures but ask for guidance at the same time.

We will not take the burden to choose for you which approach is best. Still, if you are in Europe, slightly bored and happen to have a few days off, consider these unique cities which, chances are, you never thought of before:


Culture is gold and you can find tons of it on the territory of this ancient city. Kiev is more than 1500 years old so if you have a knack for exploring foreign history, this place will easily fascinate you.

The Ukrainian capital used to be a major center of the Slavic civilization and as a result, the population here is a diverse mix of nationalities that are basically fine with each other. As you will tell as soon as you get in Kiev, the locals took advantage of the genes lottery and they look pretty fabulous, especially the women. Variety works in their favor.

Do not miss:

Architecture sights - old classic styles from the beginning of the 20th Century combined with modern and avant-garde designs.

Street art - Add more flavor to your vacation with a tour that opens the doors of the talented Ukrainian graffiti artists.


This April: Three Surprising Destinations to Breeze In
Photo credit: My Albania Nature Explorers

We already discovered how special Tirana is, during the winter when Tayaran Jet crew used to live there. The capital of Albania has the privileges of warm winter and pleasant seaside surroundings. On top of this, it is green and pedestrians friendly.

Buildings in Tirana speak - only by walking around you can read the past , as well as the changes that continue to occur every day here. After the governmental transformations in the '90s, more than 50 % of the Albanian population got concentrated in the urban areas. The number of people who live in the capital grew rapidly and this caused a high demand of, let's say, adjustments. For example, transportation used to be a main problem but the situation improved. It is actually impressive how big is the country's progress.

Do not miss:

Nature wonders - You will hardly ever go to a city where for such a short period you can spot so many natural sites like caves, waterfalls, canyons, and parks, all of them situated in one-day-trip-span distance.

Nightlife - Proudly Eastern European, Albanians know the importance of a proper party.


This April: Three Surprising Destinations to Breeze In
Photo credit: Planetware

So Italian and so uncommon with its eclectic underground passageways full of ancient Greek aqueducts, pagan artifacts, Christian catacombs, and World War II air raid shelters! Naples is often called underrated but, honestly, that is something that makes it special.

Art is a keyword here. If you are looking for a way to fill your time with fun, color and knowledge altogether, just play the game "find art" in all the possible places and shapes, you will not be fed up.

Inside and out, Naples is breathtaking - in the heart of the city you will be absorbed by the authentic and cozy atmosphere, while in the outskirts Mount Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei will keep you warm. Not to mention the proximity of islands like Capri and Ischia.

Do not miss

Museums - Without a doubt, we should give credit to The National Archeological Museum of Naples, the most remarkable archeology institution in Italy. However, do not stop here, there is plenty more.

Culinary - Oh, Naples cuisine is so much more than the traditional Naples pizza! Go hunt for hundreds of signature dishes at the local eateries.

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