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The Sunny Weekend of our November Employee of the Month

Aggiornato il: 10 mag 2019

November is here, for some of us, the weather is pleasant, for others not so much. It is a privilege to be able to fly out of storms and clouds and if you have it, be grateful!

This month Tayaran Jet is introducing you to someone who has the chance to manoeuvre between destinations and climate conditions. Nikolai Angelov is a young and motivated Bulgarian who inspired us to ask him to share his travel secrets.

The first thing he reveals is that someday soon he will become a pilot because he likes technologies and flying, besides, he studies hard. But in the meantime, he is our favourite flight attendant for November.

It is the end of the week, Nikolai will be out of home for a long time, Saturday and Sunday will be busy for him so he is preparing for his journeys. “I never forget to take with me my crew documents, passport, money, watch, and phone charger. I believe anyone who has to do something with aviation will understand why time and watches are

essential,” explains Nikolai.

In a short span of time, he will visit several emblematic places in Italy. His base is in Milan at the moment and he tries to use every free minute while is still warm outside for wandering through the central part of town.

“I enjoy the feeling that I am a foreigner, it is nice to be surrounded by a different environment and experience your uniqueness.”

Northern Italy left precious memories in Nikolai’s heart. Whenever he has a day off he plans a day trip to Bergamo where he roams through museums and historical sights like Cinta Muraria di Bergamo which is the original set of city walls surrounding Bergamo.

Another area with a special meaning for our employee of the month is Lake Como. It is not shocking how he fell in love with this place as it attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe all year round, but there is a little-known story that makes Nikolai feel more connected to these lands. One of the most renowned Bulgarian poets from the last century Pencho Slaveikov spent the last days of his life in Brunate near Lake Como and a monument that honours him was erected close to the villa he lived in.

After spending some quality time in Milan’s outskirts, Nikolai is back and ready to get serious. Tonight he has a flight. He admits he does not feel exhausted even after long duties because he always flies with his colleagues who are as close to him as his family. “Tayaran Jet crew made me understand work does not have to be an obligation, instead, it can be as entertaining and satisfying as a hobby!” Nikolai adds.

The next day Nikolai visits Verona, a city that speaks an ancient language. Romeo and Juliet’s home town has tons of stories about its abundant past, written on the terraces of the old houses and on the tiny streets that Nikolai describes as “so typically Italian”.

It is still sunny and probably it will remain like this for another day. Nikolai is willing to get the best of this wonderful weather before his next flight to Rome which is his favourite town. What he values the most in his job is how he is able to delve into cultures: “To me, each country, town or village is delightful in a special way - start from the architecture, then meet the people, see their views, their manners, and appreciate their lifestyle.”