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The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree But in Aviation It Can Fly Higher!

Aggiornamento: 16 set 2019

Aviation Family Affair
Photo Credit: British Airways

The passion for aviation is contagious! If you grow up watching your parents packing suitcases, unpacking (hopefully gifts), wearing that fancy uniform, and traveling to mysterious places, chances are, you are going to get curious and ask yourself: what is behind all this?

This is the first step of the path leading you to your mother’s or father’s, or sometimes to both of their careers. The buzz around airplanes, trips, and hectic situations that boost your confidence, slowly but surely take over. Soon it all becomes a family affair and you realize you are lucky because you can always count on the people closest to you for support and expert advice.

As the famous proverb says the apple does not fall far from the tree. We live in a modern world, though, and the aviation industry is developing at a rapid pace, therefore we suspect some apples will literally fly higher than the trees they came from.

To illustrate better the influence we selected these inspiring examples of families where everyone shares the same zeal for working in the sky.

Like father, like sons

Aviation Family Affair
Photo Credit: Virgin Atlantic

The first story we are going to tell you is about an Australian family but not an ordinary one, this is the family of one of the Flight Operations pioneers of Virgin Australia.

Walter Snr. had always wanted to become a pilot even in his childhood before he had ever seen an airplane.

He fulfilled his dream and later, as we already mentioned, joined the Executive Start-up team which established one of the leading Australian airlines. Although his career turned out to be highly dynamic and successful, Walter never meant to pass it over to his two sons. This did not stop them!

They both completed self-funded pilot classes and followed their father’s example: “When I was young, I imagined my dad flying to exciting places and being responsible for getting hundreds of people safely home to their families every night. I was very proud of him.” one of them recalls.

Walter Jnr and Duncan are both Captains now flying for the same company feeling grateful they get to see the sun shining every time they go to work because, as they point out, there are not many jobs where you can do that!

100 years of flying

Aviation Family Affair
Photo Credit: Hindustan Times

Behind this poetic timeframe, we find an Indian airline professionals family saga that is built on the solid pillars of hard work, devotion, and tradition.

According to IATA the Indian aviation market is the fastest growing in the world. Considering the huge population of India with an average calculated traffic within an year of 131 million passengers, it is not surprising that chasing a pilot career is a common Indian trend.

Having said that, the Bhasin family is still exceptional with its full package of captains. The father Rohit and the mother Nivedita are actually sort of celebrities in the country being among the first ones in their field - in the 50’s Rohit was one of the seven pilots in India to become commanders, while Nivedita was the youngest captain in the world!

The couple has two children Rohan and Niharika who naturally cultivated their parents’ love for flying. Here is how Niharika describes it: “As a child, I used to keep looking at her while she was getting ready for work and I really wanted to dress up like that one day.”.

Today all four of them took different directions flying under different liveries but they do not forget to check on each other and make sure they are all safe wherever they are.

Wings handed to mom

Aviation Family Affair
Photo Credit: British Airways

We insist on sharing with you this delightful mother and daughter case because here the sequence of events is reversed. Initially, the daughter started working as a cabin crew member with British Airways, and then quite much later the mother decided to turn her fantasy about flying into reality and got employed by the same airline.

Dallas Chapman got convinced by her daughter Molly to undergo the cabin crew training and with her support eventually, she earned her wings at the age of 46. Apparently Dallas lost all her hesitation: “Before joining British Airways I was a social worker and I also worked in sales and marketing. It sounds like a cliché but I’ve always wanted to be cabin crew. I have four children, so I’ve always had to be near home, but now is my time.”

For Molly, her mom’s aspiration to become a flight attendant was never something strange or unusual and she is positive that there is a big number of mature people who start their career in aviation now..

Gathering together on an important day

Aviation Family Affair
Photo Credit: British Airways

Without a doubt fathers matter a lot, however, it will not hurt to be reminded of it sometimes. This is exactly what a British Airways Father’s Day emotionally touching campaign does.

Recently, the airline decided to schedule an extraordinary flight to San Diego with all father-and-son father-and-daughter teams. This way most of them experienced working shoulder to shoulder with each other for the first time.

All of the crew members on this unique flight confirmed that they felt lovely they had the chance to be together with their loved ones on a special occasion. One of the fathers who were part of the campaign explained: “With both myself and my son often working in different time zones and countries around the world, it sometimes means that we celebrate special days like birthdays and Christmas on different dates. Father’s Day is of extra importance for us as my son is now a father too, so being a part of this flight and watching my son serve our customers was such a special moment,"

These images of entire families with accomplished careers in aviation are just a small fragment and the beginning of a powerful tendency. We are looking forward to hearing about the third generations flying anytime soon!

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