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Tayaran Jet to Open a Base in Tirana for the Christmas Holidays Season

Aggiornato il: 24 gen 2019

Tayaran Jet will be operating flights in partnership with Ernest Airlines from Albania. Tayaran Jet crew will be based in the Albanian capital until the end of January starting from 26 November.

The new company, holding a Bulgarian aircraft operator certificate, Tayaran Jet collaborates with the Milan based startup brand Ernest Airlines since August. The successful union between the two will cover various popular European destinations for the duration of the Christmas holidays season.

Ernest Airlines is efficiently connecting key Italian airports to hubs in Albania, Ukraine, and Romania for about two years now. Tirana was one of the first destinations operated by the carrier. The Albanian city attracts a growing number of tourists each year with its vibrant culture, rich history and appealing entertainment.

Travel to Venice, Verona, Milan, Bologna, Kiev and more, from Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza, for prices beginning at € 39.