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Tayaran Jet Stole the Spotlight at TTG Travel Experience 2018

Aggiornamento: 20 dic 2018

Tayaran Jet stole the spotlight at TTG Travel Experience 2018

Last week TTG Travel Experience took place for the 55th time in Rimini, Italy. More than 72 000 visitors and 750 journalists participated in the biggest exclusively b2b tourism event in the region. Tayaran Jet became an exhibitor and introduced itself to a large international audience.

Tayaran Jet started operating as a charter flights operator in August and holds a European license. The airline has two Boeing 737-300 aircraft and is now planning to grow and establish bases across Europe.

At TTG, Tayaran Jet built important connections with other airline professionals, destination management companies, tour agents and operators, media, etc. The exhibition that lasted from 10th to 12th October, marked the beginning of putting the Tayaran Jet brand in the public eye on an international level.

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