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The Trip Explorer: Tayaran Jet Through The Eyes of Malpensa Insiders

Aggiornato il: 22 ago 2019

Tayaran Jet now has 1000 flight hours under its belt! This week the ambitious yellow blue airline operator marks the completion of a considerable amount of time in the sky and takes an opportunity to make retrospection of what was achieved for nearly one-year presence on the European air charter landscape.

Since August 2018 Tayaran Jet team managed to turn a dream into reality by consistent dedication, courage and lots of hard work. But what does it all mean?

Aviation is not just business decisions, office duties, and paperwork. Not at all!

Truly, the heart of the airline is behind the scenes where the people who touch (literally) the plane are. Who are they, what do they do when they still work but we do not see them? And most of all, what is that distinctive element which inspires them and sticks them together? We got triggered to ask all these questions after we read a sensible story written by FlyIce, an airline enthusiast based in Milan, member of Malpensa Insiders. Here are the main extracts from it:

“ The 737-300 arrived at a remote Malpensa stand with the last flight in the evening, it's past ten in the evening and it's dark.

We are between the control tower and Terminal 1; two buses are waiting for the passengers, but this time I do not go down, I am sitting in the front row and I see all those who were on the plane parading, greeted one by one by the Tayaran Jet senior cabin crew. On the flight there was also an Air Italy flight attendant, but for her the work activities are over, she takes her trolley and goes down with the passengers.

The scene becomes quiet and peaceful, but at the same time, the crew starts a series of activities preparing the plane for the night. Everyone is busy and moving fast.

Starting from the bottom of the cabin, the flight attendants check everything: compartments, seats, seat pockets. Then they proceed towards the front. A moment after the passengers have left, the Tayaran Jet technicians start taking care of the maintenance, shortly afterward, the cleaning team arrives as well.

For this flight, there were two pilots sitting in the cockpit: a Bulgarian on the left and an Italian on the right. The first one goes down to follow the maintenance crew, while the second one is waiting for me in the flight deck.

He is filling out a set of documents but still manages to present the cockpit to me. He explains that this aircraft is reliable and easy to maintain. The 737 Classic has fewer electronics so it's easy to find the causes of any problem; so far the reliability has been very high.

They tell me that all the main maintenance operations are carried out at night, both ordinary and unexpected, an example of which is the change of tires, which I believe very few non-experts have ever seen live. The Commander is kind enough to turn on all the lights in the cockpit so that I can take better pictures.

As soon as they have finished their tasks, the various members of the crew go to the bus assigned to them. I and the pilots leave last and continue to chat about planes until the exit of the airport and this time I am not a passenger but a guest.”

Eventually, every-day responsibilities are not even slightly boring when a team is committed and glued by passion for celebrating thousands more flight hours.

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