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Tayaran Jet February Employee of the Month in Facts and Figures

Aggiornamento: 19 mar 2019

Tayaran Jet February Employee of the Month in Facts and Figures

"The question of whether computers can think is just like the question of whether submarines can swim." Edsger W. Dijkstra

Even before you read this quote you were aware a computer does not work on its own. Someone has to operate it and fix it every now and then. It is all about that behind the scenes person who you depend on but you cannot really tell what e ish doing. His job and the tricks he knows are a well-kept secret away from everybody and this is the reason why he is so special - he does not need you but you will definitely not be alright without him. Our IT Manager Christian Ganev is Tayaran Jet employee of the month for February. Did you expect that, in a sense, thanks to his support we fly? It is a chain reaction so when all WARNINGS and ERRORS are taken care of, all software is running smoothly and all systems are protected, an aircraft can also go! We are intrigued by Christian’s consideration and precision and asked for more data, check the details below!

How old are you? C: 25 How many places of residence have you changed by now? C: I have lived in two different cities but in Sofia, where I stay now, I have changed more than 5 different accommodations. Tell us about the first time you ever flew on an airplane in your life. C: It was spring, the flight was going to Stockholm, at first I felt a little restlessness because of the new experience. At the departure I expected the plane to shake quite a bit, but it was just the opposite - super smooth. After we left the ground, my legs were slightly stiff, adrenaline rose, but I retained my temper and enjoyed the experience. I was taken away by the bird view, how you look at the world from another angle. The other thing were the cloud figures, which are always different and unique. How many percents of your work is related to communication and how many to technical activities? C: To be honest, it is about 40/60 in favor of technical activities. If you have to describe the nature of your profession as a figure, what is it? C: A triangle, because it is always useful to look at the situation you are in from a few separate angles.

Tayaran Jet February Employee of the Month in Facts and Figures

Is there any problem without a solution? C: Why? I do not think so, the question is to look for alternative solutions that suit everyone. If you were not an IT Manager what do you think you could be? As a kid, I dreamed of being a footballer, and now something related to electronic sports. How many IT managers are needed to screw a bulb? C: 4, One to configure a server, one to squeeze a script, one to execute it, and one to just hinder. How many percents of a successful business are thanks to good luck and how many to hard work? C: Let's use the cliché - 99% work, 1% talent. What are the colors of your future? Why? C: Bright colors because a pink future is waiting for me: D What is your most favorite destination you have visited and which is the one you dream the most to visit? C: Bulgarian nature is one-of-a-kind but I really want to visit Barcelona and the Indonesian islands of Komodo.

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