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Tayaran Jet Announces its First Employee of the Month

Tayaran Jet Announces its First Employee of the Month

Tayaran Jet is a new airline but this doesn’t stop us from valuing our own people. Our team of professionals is like a second pair of wings for us and this month we decided to introduce you to someone you will discover is so easy to like. The employee of the month Stela Kostadinova is a cabin crew member in the company, yes, she just started flying and she’s young and pretty. This is not the main reason why she won the recognition though, what inspired us, even more, was her dedication, discipline and maturity. Let’s not forget the genuine kind smile!

Stela is from the Bulgarian city Burgas, but she used to live in Italy where she studied communications and fashion. It’s curious how she feels about the profession which sent her in the clouds, we asked her and here’s what she said:

Is this the beginning of your career as cabin crew?

Yes, it’s my first job as cabin crew but in fact, I’ve worked at many other places, considering my age. I’ve always been dealing with people and maybe this helped me somehow. I love communicating, it charges me.

Were you dreaming about working this?

It was not my dream since I was a child or anything like that. Actually, my mom pushed me for applying, that it was her dream. I submitted my documents and later on, I found out actually how much I enjoy it, that was during the training.

Were you imagining the flying job as it is or your expectations were different?

They were different but in a strange way. I was expecting it would be very difficult for me and it turned out the other way around. It was easy as if I’ve done it before.

What is your favourite part of the job?

It might sound weird but my favourite time is when I stand at the door. Welcoming the passengers at the start of the flight and saying goodbye to them, in the end, is when I feel the best! When I meet and greet them I look fresh and people like that, similarly, when they leave, they are grateful.

What do you consider the biggest headache?

Maybe when there is a medical case on board. This is worrying and I’m still gaining experience, so naturally, I always advise with the senior crew. Whatever happens, I remember I can count on the more experienced colleagues.

What skills did you gain from being cabin crew?

Patience - something I didn’t master before. Also, I improved my communication skills.

What did you learn about the others?

I learnt that people who fly trust the crew completely, even a bit too much.

What is travelling to you?

Sometimes it feels like an escape from reality. Being based somewhere away from home is a getaway - I forget my life in Bulgaria and what happens around here.

How would you describe Tayaran Jet and the experiences you have here?

Colourful! Vigorous...For such a short period of time, I went through all kinds of emotions. The people I work with became like a family for me. Even when I’m back I feel strange to be separated from them. I’m so glad all this happened to me because I had a feeling of stagnation before.

How much longer are you planning to fly?

As long as I’m healthy, I like it. It’s way too early for me to say I give up.

What would you advise those who dream to fly?

I would tell them to follow their dreams, as trivial as it sounds, and to try. This is such a cool experience because this profession combines many things - you are a doctor, a fireman, a psychologist, you learn so much, even to be always on time which is quite important. Your personality develops a lot.

What has saved you in a tricky situation?

I think fast! I have quick reactions.

They say aviation is a lifestyle and with time becomes addictive. Have you felt that and how would you characterize it?

It’s dynamic, I like it and I need it. It can be tiring, you're always packing and unpacking, but at the end of the day is rewarding.


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