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Romance in the Sky

Aggiornamento: 16 set 2019

Romance in the Sky

Who says flying is only surrounded by boring and monotonous procedures like checking in luggage, waiting on a line to get cleared by the immigration officers, lifting and pushing suitcases, then trying to rest or sleep on the seat if possible?

Infact, being on a plane can be as extraordinary as a miracle, especially in the month of love. So, it is this month again and regardless of the individual dating situations, most of us are influenced by the sentimental mood sprinkled in the air like a precious perfume.

Let's say the culmination of a relationship is marriage, then the most touching moment is in that extremely short span of time during the proposal because it is full of so rich and intense emotions.

There are brave people who choose to spend these unforgettable occasions in public on an airplane and that way they make everyone on their flight feel like being part of a fairytale. To help you imagine the love at 10 000 metres high in the air, we picked these moving countdown of viral proposals videos.

5. Chinese Valentine's Day on an Emirates trip.

Yes, Chinese people not only have an alternative New Year but also their very own Valentine's Day called Qixi Festival. It falls on a different date each year depending on the Lunar calendar.

4. A pilot is acknowledging a "very special passenger on board".

On a Qantas flight Captain Ellis decides to practice his Spanish asking an important question.

3. A flash mob in the cabin of a Citilink aircraft.

On this ordinary flight suddenly a group of people stands up and starts singing and dancing only to make a statement to one woman.

2. All the passengers look the same for Vittoria on the most memorable flight she ever operated.

Another proposal on a an Emirates flight but this time is directed by a passenger who is in love with a cabin crew member.

1. A proposal and a wedding all at once on an Austrian Airlines flight.

This is a perfectly planned and filmed chain of surprises involving friends, family, crew, musicians, ground staff, passengers, and basically everyone on the way. Watch until the end!

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