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New Year Travel Resolutions or Challenges?

Aggiornamento: 16 set 2019

New Year Travel Resolutions or Challenges?

For sure you have heard people making promises about the upcoming year - when thinking about the bright future, we tend to picture ourselves in a better light, with less bad habits and wasted time. it is almost like we are apologizing for being human and making mistakes. When it comes to travel, though, we should be less judgemental, no dry January challenge or heart pumping cardio workouts should apply.

Still, it is a source of motivation to have goals and initiate some innovations in your life. Another year is nothing more than a number but it is up to us how we perceive the new beginnings. Here is a post about simple ways to tolerate changes and become more original in your travel style.

Go on a journey with someone you barely know

New Year Travel Resolutions or Challenges?

How does exactly this happen? Maybe it is a friend of a friend that has the same days off or it could be someone you met by coincidence and an opportunity to share a destination arose.

Usually, when travelling with someone you see all the hidden traits of that person and not hundred percents of the times this is a positive experience. That is why it is considered risky and frivolous to get a stranger for a travel buddy. However, if you win, you win a lifelong friend because going on a journey with somebody you don't know well but who matches you, creates a special unforgettable bond.

Get the cheapest ticket of the day

New Year Travel Resolutions or Challenges?

Think of it as it is a game, if you get the opportunity to catch a good deal - take it! You will find out later what is going to happen. it is not so much at stake that you can lose, it was a REALLY cheap ticket in the end.

On the other hand, you can feel like Indiana Jones discovering precious gems at an unconventional venue no one else thought of.

Travel Solo

New Year Travel Resolutions or Challenges?

This is not a new trend and is getting more and more attractive among globetrotters. Women are not afraid of it anymore and if you never tried, don't be late! Thanks to all the stimulating activities you are allowed to do (because nobody is restricting you), you basically will not have enough time to get bored. Not to mention, how relaxing and intelligent your own company can be!

Read the signs

New Year Travel Resolutions or Challenges?

You cannot imagine how much trouble this tiny little advice will save you. Even if you do not fully understand the signs you are seeing, try to remember them, they will take you far, they can even teach you some language which is always an advantage. In addition, sometimes, just as an idea, why don't you try to follow the safety announcements when flying?

Moreover, keeping your eyes open will take you to the hidden local places which are proof for the unmistakable charm of the unpopular secrets.

Be healthy

New Year Travel Resolutions or Challenges?

More sunlight, more fresh air, more outdoors, more water. Use travel as favorable condition and a chance to be physically active, you cannot go wrong with that. Try learning a dance or a sport you have never practiced. By the time you are back to your hometown or back to work, you will feel the positive effect.

Embrace shopping

New Year Travel Resolutions or Challenges?

It is not the typical tip given in a New Year resolutions article but honestly, how many times you stopped yourself from buying something and then later regretted? How many other times you felt guilty for spending too much? Guilt is not a positive emotion so make an ordeal that this year you will afford to get anything material you desire and you will enjoy it! Happy New Year!