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Men VS Women: Airline Pilots Who Became Celebrities on Social Media

Aggiornamento: 16 set 2019

Men VS Women: Airline Pilots Who Became Celebrities on Social Media

Travel is an obsession and who else if not the airline crew is exposed the most to discovering the world's wonders. Pilots, who fly internationally, became the superstars of our time - we did a research of their presence in social media and discovered that they hold the perfect formula for being famous: travel blogging+high quality photography+luxury tourism+professional skills and knowledge. Not to mention that most of them are passionate food lovers, shopaholics, events chasers, and active athletes. They see the land from above.

So sit back, relax and check out these aviation influencers who fly high with the stars! We selected an equal number men and women - what do you think, which group is more appealing?

1. Pilot Amireh - Pilot Amireh has his own website where the first thing you will notice is the catchy phrase "Never second guess your own ability.". That sums up the spirit of this 33 year old Jordanian who happens to have 375 thousand followers on Instagram.

The pilot, whose whole name is Anas Amireh, works for Qatar Airways and describes himself as a citizen of the world. His interests that he shares with his massive audience are the pilot profession and training, health and fitness, and, of course, travel.

2. Pilot Patrick - Honestly, he is quite similar to Pilot Amireh - extremely famous and flying for a commercial airline. He has a blog too and his preferred topic is pilot lifestyle. Pilot Patrick is German and exceptionally concerned about his looks and his style, which are usually immaculate. He advertises different brands that promote fashionable and healthy living.

He is naturally inclined to posting high quality travel photos as well, some of which became viral.

3. Do you like to see a gracefully designed pilot blog with soft matching colors and a pretty woman face? Pilot Maria has it all. She is a master of platforms like Facebook and Instagram and always on top with content about tourism, lifestyle, and cooking. Her full name is Maria Pettersson, she is from Sweden, flying for Rynair and her social media personality is a symbol of women empowerment.

4. Pilot Madeleine - Now here is a pilot that still does not fly but instead became a phenomenally successful full time blogger and entrepreneur. Her popularity is insane (more than a million followers on Instagram) and thanks to it she is now prospering in her business until she finds a suitable pilot job or at least this is how she puts it.

Madeleine is from Germany but she is constantly visiting the most beautiful destinations in the world, her blog is refined and aesthetic, same as her life story, we all know this because she likes sharing personal details about herself. Her center theme is her love with the model Iqbal Gran with whom they are now expecting a baby. Perfection.

5. Captain Joe - He is sort of a veteran in the field and his image was built solely in You Tube. Later, he created an Instagram profile which gained him more popularity.

He is keen on physics, aerodynamics, engineering and all that stuff pilots should care about. That is why Captain Joe's videos all have an educational flair.

6. Dutch Pilot Girl - She is the famous friend of Captain Joe and you can find many videos of the two of them together. Her real name is Michelle Gooris and after she gained few years experience at a busy European airline, she became unemployed and decided to start a You Tube channel about aviation that was well received and she took it to the next level. Now she has a blog and carefully established social profiles wherever is needed. Dutch Pilot Girl focuses more on how to and know how issues about the pilot profession but she also posts fascinating stories from her journeys.

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