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Looking for a New House? Live in an Airplane!

Aggiornamento: 16 set 2019

Looking for a New House? Live in an Airplane!
Looking for a New House? Live in an Airplane!

No, we do not mean that you do not need a house because you are non stop flying and you spend most of the time in the sky. Even if this is your situation, you still deserve a home, and, actually, you can literally convert an airplane into a decent house.

Here is how the system works: you find an old aircraft from a scrap yard where the aged retired machines are stored.

Then you plan where will you place your property and how it is going to be constructed, possibly on the ground, on a platform, or maybe up on a higher level. To transform your plane into a livable place, you provide plumbing and electricity, those are comforts of our century that are easy to access almost anywhere. As an added bonus, the materials of the body of the plane will keep you warm and protected from severe weather conditions.

Next, it is time for the fun part - decoration. Here your imagination can go wild and bold. Obviously, the shape of an aircraft is not exactly like the regular house layout, so you have to prepare for specific adjustments. For instance, the rear part of the fuselage could be designed as a bedroom as it is spacious and supposedly more quiet, while the front and the cockpit can be perceived as more social areas and hence, used for a kitchen or a living room. The good news is that usually after you draw the line, this venture will cost you less than purchasing a traditional type of house.

Anyways, airplane homes owners are more ingenious than you would expect. To prove that, we picked these famous examples of avand-garde "aviation residences". Can you picture yourself lounging carefree in one of them?

Bruce Campbell's jetliner in the woods

Looking for a New House? Live in an Airplane!
Looking for a New House? Live in an Airplane!

Campbell, who is a member of Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA), found this $100 000 deal and brought a Boeing 727 deep in the Japanese woods where he built his special sacred place.

" It’s a great toy, trick doors, trick floors. Hatches here, latches there." This is how the owner of the innovative household in the woods describes it. His home is almost a thousand square meters large and has a huge storage and a unique reading room in the cockpit.

Joanne Ussary's waterfront Boeing 727

Looking for a New House? Live in an Airplane!

As surrealistic as it seems, this one is probably the most popular case. Joanne was looking for a house without success and then suddenly, through her brother who was an air traffic controller, she discovered she could buy an outdated Boeing 727 for just about $2000 and place it on her land on a lakeside in the US.

Now that she had saved money because she bought the aircraft for such a low price, she could afford fancy interior. Apart from the splendid view, Joanne has three bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a fully equipped modern kitchen, remote stairs and a Jacuzzi in the cockpit. For all this luxury, she paid only $24 000.

KLM and Airbnb aircraft for rent

Looking for a New House? Live in an Airplane!

If you are not determined to buy an old airplane, you can rent one and at least for a short period of time experience what is it like to inhabit a lavishly furnished historical MD-11.

This property is situated at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It is spacious and has numerous rooms and extras, there is even an outdoors cozy terrace where you can enjoy a runway view. The only catch here is before you book, you need to be approved by KLM.

The Boeing 747 Wing house

Looking for a New House? Live in an Airplane!

There is a truly romantic place in Malibu where the professionals from David Hertz Architects renovated an old house, added wings from an ancient Boeing 747 and the result is this cutting-edge dream home.

The property is nestled in the Santa Monica mountains and its futuristic architecture reveals 180 degrees of unparalleled panoramic views. The interior does not fall short compared to the outside appearance - think of a massive lounge room with a swimming pool, fruits and vegetables indoors garden, a meditation pavilion and more, all made by fuselage recycled materials.

The wing house is a high end home away from home rented together with dedicated staff.

P.S. See photos of other retired aircraft living a second life here.