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Lay Your Eyes on Our Radiant March Employee of the Month

Lay Your Eyes on Our Radiant March Employee of the Month

They say the whole month of March is an International Women's holiday. Accordingly, it was only natural to pick especially this jewel from our Tayaran Jet talent pool to represent the ladies month.

Her name is Emilia Slavova and she is pretty. But being pretty is not enough and Emilia, who has proven her professionalism and integrity countless times, knows it. As a Tayaran Jet big time Flight Dispatcher, every day she faces complicated situations, nevertheless, no one else can sense that because of the full support she provides without exception.

Apparently, all women are versatile and resourceful at the same time. For this reason, we want to show various sides of the personality of our good employee. It was exhilarating to hear...

about her pathway in aviation

"I found myself In the field of aviation through my mother, who worked for many years as a flight attendant. However, I thought I wanted to develop in a different direction which led me to some of the men's professions, such as a ramp agent at the airport which became my occupation for a few years. While I manage to find excitement in every job, by now, my most thrilling job was an Operation Assistant (Ramp Agent).

The dynamics and the variety I have encountered in this role cannot compare to anything else I have ever done. The feeling of being alone with an airplane with its engines released is unparalleled and I believe it has somehow built me as the mentally and physically strong person I am now.

My career progress in the aviation industry has been smooth and gradual. Each job led to the next. Every time I reached some stage, I felt it was time for a change and an expansion of my horizons. Everything came from the love I experienced in this sphere."

Lay Your Eyes on Our Radiant March Employee of the Month

about her places

"I prefer traveling frequently on short trips that last for several days. If I have the opportunity to travel for a long period of time I would definitely choose a warm place by the sea. A day by the sea is always a perfect day.

Lisbon. This city has left the deepest trace in my mind. Lisbon has an incredible spirit and charm that is unmatched!"

Lay Your Eyes on Our Radiant March Employee of the Month

about men and women

"Yes, there are typical male and female features, surely, each gender possesses things that the other sex does not own. That is why we work together well - we complement each other in both life and work.

Women should always keep the femininity in themselves, regardless of their work or their environment. If we try to behave like the opposite sex we lose the essence of our womanhood and our precious uniqueness.

I think there are no things one sex or the other cannot cope with. Just some professions and positions are associated with or preferred by men or women in particular.

When I become a boss one day, I will evaluate and hire people according to their experience and skills rather than separating them by their gender."

Lay Your Eyes on Our Radiant March Employee of the Month

about choices

"Outer beauty is transient. Being ladies, we always like to present ourselves pleasantly and immaculately. Still, for me, to be smart is extremely important and mandatory for everyone. Pretty girls are pretty, smart girls are beautiful! Let's be smart and maintain our appearance altogether.

To be successful, sometimes a strong hand is required. Yet, you can combine assertiveness with kindness, although being nice sometimes is perceived as a weakness. I strive to prove this is not the case."

Lay Your Eyes on Our Radiant March Employee of the Month

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