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January Employee of the Month - Meet Carlo

January Employee of the Month - Meet Carlo

Before we forget and the first month of the year passes us by, we want to introduce you to this pleasant, tenacious and humble person who was unanimously named the best employee of Tayaran Jet for January.

Carlo di Meglio is with the airline from its very first day and he invested his knowledge and his zeal in bringing this project to fruition. Now that Tayaran Jet is a reality, he is frequently flying and living the dream he had since he was little - to be a pilot. Not fond of talking excessively about himself, Carlo was still polite enough to answer a few questions and satisfy our curiosity.

Where are you from?

Carlo: I was born in Italy in the province of Venice where I lived for almost all my life. However, my favorite place is my father's native land, Ischia which is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples.

January Employee of the Month - Meet Carlo
A view from Carlo's father homeland

Ischia is the largest volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples

What is your favourite thing about the place you call home?

Carlo: The simple things in life are the most important-family, friends, nothing special but special in the same time.

Do you remember what motivated to become a pilot?

Carlo: I don't remember exactly when or where I decided to be a pilot, but most probably this happened when a lovely flight attendant took me in the cockpit when l was a child.

I started traveling by air as a child and I still have very vivid memories of myself completely swept away by what I was seeing standing in front of that huge rocket.

Carlo and other Tayaran Jet crew members in the flight deck

How would you describe your state of mind and the emotions you had on the day of your first flight.

Carlo: It's hard to explain what I felt on the day of my initial flight….I can only tell you that after my first flight in Tayaran Jet I spent weeks convincing myself that all this was not just a dream. This is how much it had affected me.

What is the biggest lesson aviation taught you?

Carlo: Тhere is not a lesson more necessary than others... every flight can be a lesson that helps you to grow.

Carlo in Sofia city center

If you were not a pilot what would you do for a living?

Do not ask me because I have no idea but l wouldn’t like it for sure… I had different professions but I never thought of any of these as something I wanted to do in my life.

Carlo and other Tayaran Jet pioneers
Carlo and other Tayaran Jet pioneers

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