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Festive Time - The Benefits of Spring Holidays Travel

Aggiornamento: 11 set 2019

No matter what you thought, holidays are still going on. Last week marked the Catholic Holy week, however, the Orthodox is going on now. Even so, religion is not the only reason for celebrations, there are hundreds of lucky coincidences globally, good enough to motivate you to use your spare time wisely.

First of all, the weather in Europe is perfect for planning a vacation. We just entered the pleasant spring season when not just nature is reviving but also cultural life is becoming much more eventful. In case you have not arranged anything by now, there is no need to worry - according to Travelzoo Spring Travel Trends Survey people who travel spontaneously tend to be happier and more content with life than those who don't. In addition, those who improvise are said to demonstrate a higher level of confidence and positivity.

Festive Time - The Benefits of Spring Holidays Travel

Another travel analysis (more market-oriented) determines that spring is the best time for flight deals - again, lots of national and international holidays are still ongoing.

Last but not least, we launched a small investigation and ended up with these fresh suggestions for worthy short trips in Europe:

Music Events

Festive Time - The Benefits of Spring Holidays Travel

There are hundreds of them, all styles, the choice is limitless. In case you are into electronic music a festival on the beach in Greece is just around the corner - Halkidiki Adventure starts on 3 May and it will last for three days. Another alternative place where you can listen to popular names is Lost and Found Festival in Malta.

If you want to chase stars and enjoy all in one, go straight to sweet Barcelona to attend Primavera Sound; for experiencing the pure UK sound do not miss Great Escape Festival. In this frame of mind, rock fans have the chance go ecstatic at the Belgian Groezrock and the jazzy people should get lifted in Berlin at XJAZZ.

Art and Culture Festivals

Festive Time - The Benefits of Spring Holidays Travel

Maybe you value traditions and anthropology, it is fine, there is plenty to see, Europe will never disappoint you with lack of culture. 1 May is internationally recognized as Labour Day but especially in Eastern European nations, it is surrounded by a whole chain of other spring holidays. These festive moods bring along various folklore events such as Stara Planina Balkan Folk Festival located in the Bulgarian mountains.

Probably, being on track with contemporary art and technologies is your priority, well, then this season is generous for people like you - our suggestion is to try the design conference Pictoplasma, Berlin or Athens Digital Festival.


Festive Time - The Benefits of Spring Holidays Travel

Italy is a fiesta by default. Each Italian city has its own flavor and identity. Hence, do not waste time and try to taste it all!

Venice Biennale has already started but there is a lot left, the program of this historic festival (the first edition was in 1895), is rich and diverse: you can select from art, architecture, cinema, dance, music, theater, and historical activities.

If you are a strictly theater oriented, go to Naples Teatro Festival. While in Naples, also pay attention also to the splendid museums over there.

Now forget the arts, you are in Italy, you have to treat yourself with first class food. Do it in an organized manner like a real pro. We recommend Milano Food Week and the Festival of Ancient Taverns 2019 in Licola di Pozzuoli.

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