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Extraordinary Holidays - Try These Alternative Experiences

Aggiornamento: 16 set 2019

Extraordinary Holidays  - Try These Alternative Experiences
Extraordinary Holidays - Try These Alternative Experiences

Christmas holidays is traditionally family reunion time and everyone is supposed to cook at home quietly, gather with friends and relatives, eat, and basically stay low.

The world is changing, though, and travel is now taking over only to reveal far more adventurous uncommon ways to spend your time off.

Alternative tourism is the hottest trend, especially if you are determined to fly and you are not afraid of off-road territories. Thus, holidays celebration no longer means just sitting around the table or struggling with the crowds at the Christmas markets. We encourage you to go out of your way and take an exceptional nature based or cultural journey. Here is just a drop in the sea of opportunities available, enjoy!

Namibia mountain bike safari tour, Africa - by H+I Adventures

Husky sledding, Finland - by Hetta Huskies

Nature and wildlife photography tour, Patagonia - by Chris Bray Photography

Waitomoto caving, New Zealand - by Waitomoto Adventures

Northern lights safari, North Iceland - by Visit Kureyri

Cruise to the Panama Canal, Panama - by Princess Cruises

Polynesian culture tour, Hawai - by Polynesian cultural center

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