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Cats Invade The World of Aviation

Aggiornato il: 19 ago 2019

Cats are such amusing creatures! They can literally survive anywhere on Earth - there are cats on the North Pole and there are cats in the desert. They find a way to adapt to extreme conditions and you can bump into them in the middle of any situation purring or playing, depending on their mood.

But who would have thought they like airplanes as well? Aviation is an attractive industry and cats can sense that, moreover, the other way around, aviation does not mind adopting a few small cute predators and borrow ideas from their territory. It is not a coincidence how terms like CAT, CAТ 1, or CAT 2 were invented!

At Tayaran Jet we feel exceptionally lucky because we have the cool cat Tayara as our patron. She is with us from day 1 and enjoys special privileges, in fact, we must say we cannot imagine our airline’s environment without her, she just fits in so well!

This extraordinary team member made us wonder if other fellow aviation professionals share the same fascination with cats. After a brief research, we can now confirm: cats have entered the world of aviation a while ago, they inhabit all kinds of unexpected places where they feel perfectly comfortable and secure. See where we found them:

The hangar cat Snowball

The owner of Snowball posted a picture of the cat in a hangar on Reddit and asked whether other aviation enthusiasts had a hangar pet as well. Participants in the discussion revealed they look after cats, birds, and dogs around airplanes. Some of the people complained that their hangar animals were too naughty.

Among the other animals, felines were reported to remain in hangars the longest.

Cats in the name

There is a popular pilots training school based in the UK which has the aspiring name CATS Aviation. We are not sure if CATS is an abbreviation or not, but the marketing department of this company likes playing with words and knows that involving actual cats in the game can only gain them admirations and popularity.

A cat in the flight deck

Once upon a time cats were carried on ships as an anti-pest and anti-rodent measure. Actually, this is one of the reasons why cats were domesticated and spread all over the world. Ages later, in our days, pilots decided to put them in the cockpit, hopefully not because of rats. It is interesting how the presence of cats on board would affect bird strikes, though.

The inviting cat

Another aviation company discovered that the presence of a sweet animal like their cat Windsock can not only enhance all surroundings but will also contribute to creating a welcoming and home-like atmosphere.

Granite Aviation, an American fixed base operator, incorporated their beloved Windsock into each aspect of their services.

Airport relief cats

Therapy animals are something common in the US and probably a future trend in the rest of the world too. Usually they are taken with their owners onboard but in this case, they belong to the airport where every passenger has the opportunity to hang out with them and release the stress.

Dogs, as being more open and friendly, were the first to play the role of a relief animal, however, not much later cats stood right next to them and we would not be surprised if soon they completely dominate the relief animals race.

Last but not least, there is Tayara, our cat. Each Tayaran Jet employee knows her and until today we cannot think of somebody who is not admiring her... How do they do it?

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