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Are You an Airline Enthusiast?

Aggiornato il: 16 set 2019

For the people who fall in love with aviation, there are two options ahead: one - make it your profession, and two - always keep it in your life as a hobby. Now, both paths are time, energy, and money consuming but rewarding and adventurous as well. They take you to unexpected places too.

If you choose to join an airline it is clear you will have to start with a precise research and then take the necessary steps towards your training and pursuit of a career.

But what about being an enthusiast? A whole breed of geeks is religiously dedicated to learning, collecting, observing and photographing everything related to airlines. Did you know that there is a society that uses aircraft furniture at home and watches TV on in-flight entertainment screens? Here are few of the most common aviation hobbies:


This is without a doubt the most important activity that aviation fans practice. It is also advanced as it dates back to the days of World War II when many citizens in the UK were asked to monitor the movement of aircraft crossing British borders. The first planespotters were equipped only with a notebook where they used to put down the information they have collected. Then they were passing on the data by telegrams.

Nowadays the spotters rely on different modernized methods. They are usually technology savvy which is an advantage because in their case photography is king. These enthusiasts are exceptionally loyal to their hobby and they have serious knowledge and skills. Websites like Airliner Spotter, NYCAviation, and Planespotters can help with useful tips and contacts. If you are interested in becoming more professional in this field, you can begin by joining the large international online planespotting community.

There is no special reason for capturing aeroplanes other than passion. If you are into it you will soon start making a difference between aircraft types, you will become an expert about most airlines of the world and you will most probably recognize their logos and colours. All details surrounding the flying experience will make your heart pump faster.

Planespotters are not lousy, they follow a strict schedule - on platforms like Flightradar24, FlightAware, and PlaneFinder, they track any plane they want and then wait for it on a carefully selected location. In many countries, airports and hotels attract more passengers and visitors with positioning planespotting terraces and areas. In the US, on the other hand, it is popular to go to a park with a perfect view for taking pictures of take-offs and landings.

In most of the sites where planespotters go, taking photos of the aircraft is legal but is not always welcomed. It is crucial to possess a valid ID at all times and introducing yourself to airport authorities is recommended. Many have accused planespotters of being intrusive and even call their hobby espionage and a violation but as a matter of fact, aviation enthusiasts have contributed to solving crimes more than to causing them.

Collecting airline stuff

Aeroplane models are a hit overcoming many decades but there is so much more! Here is what else you can actually own:

Airport Models

Safety cards and safety manuals

Airline clothing

In-flight Magazines

Aircraft seats and screens

Shots of passenger cabins

Pretending you are an airline manager

It is fun to play various games about aviation. Apart from feeling what is it like to be a pilot in a simulator kind of entertainment, you can become a fake airline CEO and gain some virtual training about real-life decision making. In case you are not the bossy type though, there is a game which allows you to be a regular passenger and just check in yourself for flights, fly, then transit, then check in again and so on and on.

Listening to boarding music

Last but not least, don’t you feel like you want to carry that boarding music sense of calm and serenity with you? Can the feeling you are in the clouds and far away from worries stay a bit longer? Yes, there is a way, most of the airlines make the melodies of their brands available and there are lots of people who love it!