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9 Original Gifts Suggestions for Air Travel Lovers

Aggiornato il: 16 set 2019

No matter whether you are fascinated by Christmas or not, the holidays season is a period demanding more of your time and your money. Now you need to use your imagination in order to discover the best ways and places for celebration. On top of that, apart from receiving gifts, you are also supposed to give some, and what is more crushing for the positive spirits than making a completely inappropriate present that is not appreciated at all?

A winning approach is to know the interests, the hobbies, and the passions of the people around you. Learn what they burn for and you will not just stay away from trouble but also climb on top of the Christmas affection game, which will keep you warm until the end of the winter.

Travel is the ultimate sensation of our time but do not get fooled - not everyone is thrilled about flying. Those who are, though, are truly devoted to airplanes, airports, and generally, aviation lifestyle. Once you recognize air travel lovers, surprise them with a special gift they will remember. For this purpose, we carefully handpicked a few ideas for you:

1. Aviation time - you can choose between pilot's clock or aviator's watch. The first one is more a kind of souvenir and will possibly show you artificial speed, altitude and horizon, while the second one is real and usually expensive. It has attractive features such as zulu time, wireless connectivity, weather updates, navigation for flight plans, and even fitness tools. Owning a pilot's watch is almost as having a personal co-pilot at your service right on your wrist.

2. Professional traveler bag - lightweight, convenient, with hundreds of compartments, they are a dream for everyone who has gone through the rough consequences of spilled cosmetics, damaged clothes or simply big mess in their luggage. Being organized is actually a skill which can be easily developed with a little help from smart accessories like these.

3. Flying background - airplanes and skies can be incorporated into interior designs tastefully. The retro fashion of putting photo wallpapers in your home is back, besides, the quality of the images is levels above now and the effect is mesmerising. This type of decoration is inspiring and creates a breezy sense of spaciousness.

4. Essential technology - Being on track when traveling is crucial. Every trip can become a nightmare when you do not have control over your personal space or your connection to the world, for example. Gadgets like noise cancellation headphones, international travel adapter, and even a pocket size washing machine can mean the world to your friends who are constantly on the go.

5. Practical options for the ladies - Women do not like feeling less then ladies but excessive travelling can sometimes drive them mad. This is a condition to be avoided for everyone's advantage. Genius minds have invented things called jewelry travel organizer, hanging cosmetics pouch, multi pocket make-up cases and more. Safety is above everything, though, therefore, our favourite pick is the secret bra wallet.

6. Drone - Nothing new under the sun but still exciting and fun provoking. Help your close circle embrace their creativity and you can also benefit by becoming a part of their videos. The market is abundant with drones and you can choose from a full range of sizes, specifics and prices. Even if your friends do not really understand photography, they can accept their flying camera as a toy.

7. Aviation experience - More and more people nowadays value adventures more than stuff. Air travel has its unique type of appeal and you can help your loved ones feel what is it like to be aviators by giving them an experience instead of a material gift. A session in a simulator is a perfect deal for someone who is intrigued by aviation. Another alternative is a ticket to a themed museum or throwing a party in an aircraft that is used as a venue for events.

8. Survival Pack - Long distance travel suggests unexpected situations. Aviation teaches you to check, double check and crosscheck, in other words - always be prepared! Carrying a medical or survival kit might sound dry but it can also save your life or save you painful moments. On the other hand, recently a vast niche of producing funny survival packs has opened - you can buy a hangover survival kit, a gentleman survival kit and basically "anything you want" original pack.

9. The small ones - Maybe you are someone extremely popular and you have a whole crowd of relatives and best friends, like a rock star. What if they all love travelling, how to satisfy them? There is a way out, you can still be kind and polite and make a gesture for everyone - just get something little which is still cute and entertaining. There is an endless variety on the market - from vintage eye pads and earplugs, to artistic mugs and electric paper airplanes kits.

P.S. If none of these works, just buy plane tickets for everyone or go on a a vacation yourself, you cannot go wrong with that.