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7 Hilariously Funny Airplane Movie Scenes

Aggiornamento: 11 set 2019

Being in an airplane is fascinating! Well, not absolutely always, it depends on the surrounding - eventually, a fuselage is not our natural state of existence but it helps a lot for taking us where we want to be.

So many people often with different personalities, cultures, and nationalities, concentrated in a tiny indoors space, it is no surprise contradictions and absurds are likely to arise. Some of them are quite entertaining, indeed!

We looked up for ideas from the experts of mixing art with a generous dose of humor. They envisioned that flying by airplane can be incredibly funny and found out how even we sometimes feel unnerved by the boring practical details of it, it is worth remembering to enjoy it.

Here are 7 examples of fictional situations filmed in an aircraft that will give you a loud belly laugh:

1. Soul Plane Safety Video

We are opening up with this famous comedy about the creation of the outstanding airline N.W.A. Starring celebrities like Kevin Hart, Sofia Vergara, and Snoop Dogg, Soul Plane plugs into dozens of unique characters who happen to be on the same flight, which, of course, is not a normal one.

2. Mr. Bean's first First class flight.

Who does not know Mr. Bean and what he is capable of? Now that he happens to be a premium class customer, nothing that he would probably mess up is left out. The chain of troubles that he carries around is following him even after the flight is over at the airport.

3. The Millers demonstrate high-quality family values.

We’re the Millers is two hours of non-stop over the top funny insanity. Four random suspicious people team up and pretend to be a decent American family while trying to close an illegal deal. With stars like Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, accompanied by Emma Roberts and Will Poulter, the airplane scene could not more ridiculous.

4. Curb your enthusiasm shoelaces hero.

We have come across plenty of hilarious airplane scenes in Curb your enthusiasm - this show is simply genius. The leading personage Larry David, playing himself, has a one of a kind way to cause complications, basically, he is a master of inappropriateness. This time, however, by coincidence, he manages to turn the events in his favor.

5. Miscommunication obstacles in Anger Management.

In Anger Management Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler eloquently illustrate how one little bump on the road can lead to another bigger one, and then huge next one until you roll and fall into the hole. In this particular case a silly situation on a flight and the unnecessary interference of an air marshal create spectacular chaos in the cabin.

6. Turbulent interaction in Vacation.

Some pilots are forgetful, others are overly nice to the passengers but both types placed together make a crazy combination. Even on the shortest flight, amusing things can happen.

7. Acting as more than friends in Friends.

Some shows are evergreen and Friends is the “evergreenest” and the most loved situational comedy of all. Apparently, in this scene, Rachel and Ross are flirting and fighting as usual but it is even funnier because in the airplane everyone can hear them, more than that, they are invited to join the conversation.

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