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7 Excellent Reasons to Stay Connected While Flying

Aggiornamento: 11 set 2019

7 Excellent Reasons to Stay Connected While Flying

With the evolution of commercial aviation we, as passengers, are offered such a high level of comfort that it seems to us that one day it will be completely boundless. Depending on the airlines, the perks vary but one thing is for sure - all operators have to keep up with the growing demands somehow.

Only a few years ago having Internet onboard was a bold concept of luxury beyond our imagination. But wasn’t that the case with the Internet in general around 20 years ago?

Today so many features are given to us on a plate and we take them for granted.

Probably, the excessive spoonfeeding made us doubt whether all these “benefits” we get are actually valuable, meaningful and do they make us content. Are they, by all means, healthy for us?

The answer is sometimes a big YES. Wi-Fi onboard is absolutely fantastic and it overrides all the rest inflight entertainment type (this statement is backed up by a private Tayaran Jet survey). Seriously, there are ways to turn your flight into the most uplifting part of your day, or, of course, your night. Let’s see:

1. Listening to a favorite track.

Certainly, the most fascinating time to practice this is during takeoff, ascending, descending, and then landing because of the movement and the maneuvers of the airplanes. Somehow there is always the sensation that the aircraft is synchronizing with the melody you are listening to.

Still, enjoying music in the cruise phase of a flight as well, has an enormously calming effect on us. In a study commissioned by Spotify a group of specialists confirmed: “Music that stimulates both the logical left and emotional right sides of the brain is said to stimulate the limbic system, which processes negative memories and emotions, which in turn helps people think in a more balanced, rational way suppressing anxiety.”

2. Reading a mindblowing story.

Are you looking for faster transportation than airplanes? Are you hoping it would be invented in the near future? Well, there is bad news and good news. Life is short and presumably, there will not be enough time for witnessing inventions of such caliber. On the other hand, books can take us anywhere we wish to go in a heartbeat. Moreover, you do not need to fill your carry-on bag with heavy stuff, because you can read everything online even on a plane if it happens to be equipped with Wi-Fi.

3. Studying happily.

Happily or unhappily is a matter of your attitude but above all, Internet on board will open up a window of time for you. This is an awesome advantage, especially in circumstances when you urgently have to catch up with the material.

Studying might very well be your hobby or even more, you might feel full of zest for learning new skills and it helps to have the opportunity to tune in at any time.

4. Conquering another level (of your game).

Games can be addictive but they can also train your mind and teach you flexibility. In fact, playing would possibly help you gain far more virtues than you expect, here is a fraction of what scientists found out in recent research:

“Research to date suggests that playing video games can change the brain regions responsible for attention and visuospatial skills and make them more efficient.”

5. Watching the finals.

Flying from one destination to another should not stop you from watching sports and if you are a proud fan you should always, without an exception, support your team.

How irritating would that be to sit and do nothing when in the same moment the culmination of a tournament you have been following so long is going on? Those limitations will just evaporate when Wi-Fi is available, it is better than realtime TV actually.

6. Posting existential thoughts.

Sinking in cloud number nine makes us feel inspired, even to the state that now we want to educate the others too. And the easiest way to demonstrate our wit is to share it publicly and wait for admirations. Never mind, if there are zero admirations and if when you get grounded back you realize your thought was a silly cliche, you always own the option of erasing it. Easy.

*Another idea well tested, yet not that original anymore: make a photo of the sky on a morning flight and post it with a comment “Good morning!”

7. Sending bubbly texts.

Occasionally, texting is better than face to face talking and emoticons are more than emotions. In particular situations, messages are the only substantial method of communication we can have at the moment. Besides, often, we tend to express ourselves more accurately in written words than in spoken.

For instance, technological and medical experts discovered through research cited by Washington Post that “ texting can improve interpersonal relationships, help people deal with traumatic events and bridge intergenerational gaps. “

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